Agriculture Gypsum 25kg Bag Made in Oman (الجبس الزراعي ٢٥ كغ ،صنع في عمان)

Agricultural Gypsum (Calcium sulphate dihydrate) is a natural soil conditioner
that will enhance growth of plants and grasses.
As it is water soluble it will simply wash away leaving the goodness in the soil.
It is simple and safe to use, simply spread by hand or machine on plants, lawns, etc.

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  • Agriculture Gypsum works as a soil amendment, conditioner and fertilizer to improve the soil.
  • IMPROVES ACID SOILS AND TREATS ALUMINUM TOXICITY one of gypsum’s main advantages is its ability to reduce aluminum toxicity, which often accompanies acid solidity, particularly in subsoils. Gypsum can improve some acid soils even beyond what lime can do for them, which makes it possible to have deeper rooting with resulting benefits to the crops. Surface-applied gypsum leaches down to the subsoil and results in increased root growth.
  • SOURCE OF CALCIUM & SULFUR FOR PLANT NUTRITION plants are becoming more deficient for sulfur and the soil is not supplying enough it. Gypsum is an excellent source of sulfur for plant nutrition and improving crop yield. Meanwhile, calcium is essential for most nutrients to be absorbed by plants roots. Without adequate calcium, uptake mechanisms would fail. Calcium helps stimulate root growth.
  • IMPROVES WATER INFILTRATION gypsum also improves the ability of soil to drain and not become waterlogged due to a combination of high sodium, swelling clay and excess water. When we apply gypsum to soil it allows water to move into the soil and allow the crop to grow well.
  • HELPS REDUCE RUNOFF & EROSION agriculture is considered to be one of the major contributors to water quality, with phosphorus runoff the biggest concern. Gypsum helps to keep phosphorus and other nutrients from leaving farm fields. Gypsum should be considered as a Best Management Practice for reducing soluble P lose.