Desert Energy Ocean Bio Fert Feed Plant Fertilizer MOCCAE Approved

Ocean Bio Fert is a Bio-Organic liquid Fertilizer
Suitable for Potted Plants,
Garden Plants or even Farm’s.


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Desert Energy Ocean Bio Fert, plant feed, plant fertilizer in liquid form, multi-purpose fertilizer
Suitable for all flowers, plants, lawns, trees, vegetables or even farm crop types.
Content with 250ml/500ml/1000ml.
Natural bio-organic product, serves to enhance your soil’s ecosystem by replenishing the variety of microbiology
That can be lost or destroyed through the use of herbicides, chemical fungicides and over tilling.
Ocean Bio Fert is nutrient-rich and completely natural. Serves as an excellent food source for probiotics and mycorrhizae, which help roots to absurd nutrients and water.
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