BASF Libfer SP Iron Fertilizer with EDDHA Chelate (6% Fe to 4% Ortho-Ortho EDDHA) 1KG

95.00 AED

Libfer SP is an iron fertilizer with EDDHA chelate. Thanks to the chelate, the iron is and remains stable and available, even in soils with a low pH value. This iron chelate is one of the few iron chelates that is effective in soils/substrates with a high and low pH. It contains a large part of the biologically effective isomer, the ortho-ortho isomer and has an ortho-ortho content of 4%. Because this micro granulate dissolves iron fertilizer quickly and completely, unlike other iron chelates where residue remains, it does not clog any residue that could block nozzles or other parts.
Iron is necessary for the production of chloroplasts and therefore has a very important function in the photosynthesis of a plant. The nutrient is also important for the development of growth points in the roots.