Taravert Organic Seaweed Fertilizer 1 Liter | سماد الطحالب العضوي | Approved by MOCCAE | No.1 Choice of Organic Growers | Made in Spain

120.00 AED

Taravert Evo 7 is a biostimulant seaweed extract, based on Ascophyllan nodosum, used for ensuring rooting.
With high concentration of natural biostimulant (auxin and cytokinin), NK, amino acids and organic matter, conceived for stimulating the roots absorption fuzz, the plant adaptation to a new soil and its root’s growth after transplant.
Its composition assists the plant in more aspects, encouraging the growth of the exchange surface between the soil and roots, enhancing the overall rooting system.
This product is 100% organic & Made in Spain.
Direction of Use: Mix 1 cap of this product with 3 Liters of water, and apply it to the plants, by pouring it directly into the soil.

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