Fito Tomato Roma VF Premium Quality Seeds (Made in Spain) by Semillas Fitó

  • These Tomato Roma VF Seeds grow into a semi-bush that yields specially bred plum tomatoes that are ideal for preserving, making ketchup, tomato juice and as ingredients in soup
  • The fruits are fleshy, juicy, almost seedless and with a delicious flavor that makes it suitable for eating raw
  • The semi-bush has good resistance to verticillium and fusarium wilt and can be grown outside or in the greenhouse
  • The plant appreciates full sunlight, and rich, fertile soil
  • It can be sown from February to March, while the fruits can be harvested in July, August, September, and October
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If your home garden or field receives full, uninterrupted sunlight, and the soil is rich and fertile,
then the Fito Tomato Roma variant is the one to go with.
These tomatoes are one of the very best tomatoes to be consumed raw, and hence become a part of salads and dressings.
The sowing season for the plant ranges between February and March,
while the harvesting season stretches from August to October.
This variant of tomatoes is characterized by very few seeds in them.

  • The tomatoes can be sown from February to march
  • Can be harvested between August to October
  • These tomatoes grow best in full sunlight and fertile soil
  • The fruits are juicy and fleshy in texture, and contain very few seeds.