Euro Garden Cineraria Dwarf Hybrid Mix Premium Quality Seeds (Made in Spain) by EuroGarden

The Varied Hybrid Dwarf Cineraria Requires a Luminous Location Avoiding Direct Sun.
The risks must be Moderate.
Transplant when the Seedlings have 4 – 6 true leaves.
It can be Grown in Pots of 10 liters.
Flowering :
Varied Hybrid Cineraria is often Grown as a Ground Plant for the beauty of its Flowers.
Outdoors it Creates Beautiful Groups, with its Flowers Covering much of the Leaves.

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The beauty and color offered by the flowers in our garden are its best known feature.
But we can also use them together with aromatic plants to promote the biodiversity of our urban garden.
In this way we will have an orchard with its own ecosystem, thus avoiding pests and facilitating pollination.
We must remember that pollination is key in many plants so that they can bear fruit.
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