Euro Garden Cabbage Mercodo De Copenhague 2 Premium Quality Seeds (Made in Spain) by EuroGarden

10.00 AED

Variety of short foot, smooth leaf and green color.
It produces a spherical and Prieto cabbage,
of great resistance to the rise and little tendency to crack.
The Cabbage Cabbage Market in Copenhagen requires an exposure with direct sun or partial shade.
Watering’s should be regular.
Transplant when plants measure 10-12 cm. It can be grown in pots of 40 liters.
Kale or Crespa is a very nutritious vegetable.
A cup has more calcium than milk, more iron than meat, a lot of vitamin C, K and A.
It also has anticancer and detoxifying properties that cleanse liver and blood.
It even works as an anti-inflammatory.

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