NONEMA® Organic Nematocide | MOCCAE Approved Pesticide | No.1 Choice of Gardeners | 1L

  • ORGANIC NEMATOCIDES is a pesticide solutions used to kill plant-parasitic nematodes.
  • Composition:
    Asparagus officinallis 10%
    Aloe babadensis 8%
    Herbal extract stabilizer 4%
    Distilled water 78%.
    Certified by Ministry of Climate Change & Environment.

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This is a great bio nematicide that is totally organic based on an extract of selective strains of naturally occurring microbes.
It helps in the development of a cell wall, strengthening the plant,
which helps in avoiding nematode attack/ penetration into the plant.
Nematodes are tiny worms those can seriously damage to crops with their sharply pointed mouths by puncturing cell walls.
The real damage occurs when a nematode injects saliva into a cell from its mouth and then sucks out the cell contents.
The plant responds to the parasitic worms with swelling, distorted growth, and dead areas.
Nematodes can also carry viruses and bacterial diseases inject them into plants.

Net Weight – 1 Liter