Poleci Emulsion Concentrated Insecticide MOCCAE Approved Insecticide for Plants | Made in Italy | No.1 Choice of Gardeners | 1L

  • Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin 25 g/L
  • Formulation Type: Emulsifiable concentrate
  • Easy spray application – This product may be applied with a trigger sprayer, hand-held, backpack, or hose-end sprayers. Carefully read the label directions before use for optimal applications
  • Approved by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment
  • Made in Italy

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Poleci Emulsion Concentrated Insecticide
Deltamethrin-based shock insecticide for foliar treatments What is POLECI and what is it used for? POLECI is a pyrethroid insecticide with shock effect on harmful insects. It works by contact and ingestion in the nervous system of insects. Adhere to the leaf surface and protect the crops about 7-10 days after application. It acts quickly on both larvar and adult forms. It lends itself to being uilized for many types of crops. It has a repellent effect on bees, it doesn’t apply to bees. When and how to apply POLECI? It is applied by foliar treatments in dilution with a quantity of water per hectare corresponding to the crops and stages of growth. Treatments are done at the warning, at the appearance of pests or the first symptoms of attack. The number of treatments is 1-2 per season and culture. The interval between treatments can be 14 days for crops in the field and 7 days in greenhouses. Do not apply during the flowering period. Treatments stop when the air temperature exceeds 25 degrees C. The volume of solution used is 300 – 1000 L/ha. Poleci is compatible with most plant protection products. Before using any mixture it is recommended to do a compatibility test and the solution to apply to the targeted culture. It is well tolerated by the plant and does not produce phytotoxicity of the treated crop. To avoid the creation of resistant forms of insects will alternate with insecticides from different chemical groups.
Net Weight – 1 Liter
Made in Italy