Inicium Organic Rooter Liquid Fertilizer 1 Liter

80.00 AED

  • Usage: Apply using localized irrigation or by sprinkling, ensuring that the liquid comes into contact with the root zone.
  • Vegetables: In the seed bed, apply from 1 to 3 times, using 6-10 mL/L of water from the budding of the cotyledon.
  • In transplants: make 2 applications, the first on watering the transplant and the second one week later, at a dose of 10-15 L/ha.
  • Tree cultivation> Nursery: 20 mL/tree split in 2 applications at the start of the activity.
  • Young trees (start of production): 40-80 mL/tree in 2 applications at the start of the activity.
  • Adult trees (full production): 60-120 mL/tree in 2 applications, at the start of the activity or whenever it is necessary to recover the root mass and activity.
  • Development of a powerful root system (roots and root hairs)
  • Helps plants to overcome stress during transplanting.
  • Advances the development of the initial phases.
  • A totally natural product, free from hormones.
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