Hortus Sorrel Premium Quality Seeds (Acetosa) (Made in Italy) by Hortus Sementi

Hortus Sorrel Perennial 80-90cm, Large and Tender Green Leaves.
Small Reddish Flowers Grouped Together in Panicles.
Picked until a few Days before Flowering and no Later,
the Leaves are Cooked and Used in a Similar way to Spinach.
Distance: 40-50cm between Rows, 20-30cm along the Row.
Quantity: 0.5g of Seeds Per Square Meter of Surface Area
Both When Sown Directly or in a Seedbed.
Brand – Hortus Sementi
Made in Italy


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Hortus Sementi joined the group in 1992 and operates primarily in the hobby seed market in Italy and on the semi-professional international markets.
Hortus Sementi benefits from the production expertise of the group (e.g. own high quality stock seed, all production tested in own trial field by specialized technicians and in internal and external quality control laboratories, high tech packaging operations enabling maximum execution precision, etc.) in order to offer high quality seed to its clients.
Hortus Sementi operates through its own sales network all over Italy and via distributors all over the World. The seeds are sold under the Hortus brand and also Ortovivo – Fiorevivo – Pratovivo, Zorzi and I semi di Buona Luna. We can also supply seed under distributors’ brands upon request (from graphical design to final product realization)
Our main objective is customer satisfaction
In June 2019 Sipas Packaging was merged into Hortus Sementi, then the company was renamed HortuSì Srl