Euro Garden Tomato Roma V.F Premium Quality Seeds (Made in Spain) by EuroGarden

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Variety of low bush, special for canning.
Pear-shaped fruit, uniform red coloration.
Smooth skin of easy peeling and thick walls.
Consistent pulp. Rustic variety of great production.
The Tomato Roma VF requires a location with direct sun.
Watering’s should be regular.
Transplant when the plants have 5 to 6 true leaves. It can be planted in pots of 40 liters.
The Tomato is very beneficial for health. It improves vision, gut health, reduces hypertension, diabetes and helps in skin problems and urinary tract infections.
It is a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and protects against cardiovascular disease, reducing cholesterol and protecting the heart.
It helps keep healthy teeth, bones, hair and skin.
It has very few calories due to its high water content (94%).

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