Euro Garden Pepper Maor Premium Quality Seeds (Made in Spain) by EuroGarden

10.00 AED

Square fruits, slightly elongated, with 4 well-marked lobes 8 cm broad and 11 long.
Thick meat, sweet taste and intense green color that changes to red when ripe. Resistant to potato virus “Y”.
The Maor Pepper requires a location with direct sun.
Watering’s should be Regular.
Transplant when the Plants have 5 to 6 true leaves. It can be Planted in pots of 25 liters.
Pepper has a high content of vitamin C and vitamin B6, essential for the brain and central nervous system.
It also has a high content of beta-carotene and vitamins of the B2 group, in addition to vitamin E,
which make it perfect to prevent the appearance of degenerative and chronic diseases. It has a lot of lycopene, a carotene with anti-carcinogenic properties.
Due to its high water content (92%) and being poor in fat and protein, they have a low caloric index. Minerals: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.
Do not transplant varieties of sweet peppers near the spicy ones to avoid Hybridization.

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