Euro Garden Green Mint Premium Quality Seeds (Made in Spain) by EuroGarden

Perennial plant, reaches a height of 50 cm. Aromatic plant with intense odor
Mint grows well in partial shade environments.
It requires regular watering’s. It supports continuous pruning for collection.
Transplants are performed when the plant is about 6-8 cm tall. It can be grown in pot of about 20 liters.
Mint is a very popular aromatic plant with many uses in cooking recipes, hot and cold drinks, etc.
Its aroma is one of the most recognizable and its use is frequent in the dental sector.

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The cultivation of aromatic plants is becoming increasingly popular for all its nutritional benefits.
They are also known as Culinary plants or “Condimentary” as they are used as condiments in the kitchen.
Some of them, in addition, may have a medicinal use.
Check our catalog of aromatic seeds.
Having an orchard of aromatic plants allows you to have them whenever you need them to round out your recipes.
In addition, they will always be fresh and you will have them at hand.
Their cultivation is very easy, they are plants that adapt well to small spaces.
If anything characterizes the cultivation of aromatic plants is that they need light.
So a good tip is to have them in bright areas, but without excessive heat,
especially in summer. As for irrigation, consult the specifications for each variety,
since some need more water and others less.
If you are thinking of planting different varieties of aromatic seeds in a single pot
take into account the irrigation factor and group them for need of water.