Buyblocker Lizard Deter Moccae Approved Made in USA

Buyblocker Lizard Deter
The unique blend of ingredients in this product helps trigger escape/avoidance behavior in lizards.
This product does not harm lizards, but it drives them away, naturally.

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Buyblocker Repels Lizards
Composition: Cedar Oil 2.0%, Cinnamon Oil 0.65%, Clove Oil 0.35%, Inert Ingredient 97.0%
Target: All species of Lizards
Use: When Lizards are active, lightly sprinkle a band four to six inches wide , next to and around the area you wish to protect.
one pound will treat a band 6 inches wide by 75 feet in length, do not water in after application,
reapply product after heavy rain or every two weeks to obtain best results

Before Using a Pesticide

  • Must be used by professionals
  • Read the label thoroughly
  • Be familiar with all precautions
  • Be familiar with First Aid information
  • Put on the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)